Speech Therapy

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What makes speech therapy at My Recess special?

Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) at My Recess all have almost 10 years of experience!  Your child’s speech therapy will be catered to his or her specific needs.

Our environment also makes us special! Not only do we have Speech Therapy room designed specifically for evaluation, treatment, and food based therapies. We also have access to the use of a full sensory gym to support your child’s sensory needs while we work on our speech and language goals.


During the initial intake call, we explore your child’s speech therapy needs. At that time, it is determined which therapist would be the best fit, based on their area of expertise, for your child’s evaluation and treatment needs.

When you come in for an evaluation your Speech Therapist will greet you and your child in the lobby and conduct a brief interview to learn more about your child’s development in all areas of speech and language as well as their general developmental history.  They want to know about his/her developmental milestones, medical history, educational history, and family history.

Each child is different and we honor that even from the start of the evaluation. We may use a transition toy or activity to help your child feel comfortable to enter our clinic and move our way back to the speech therapy playroom.   Here we will administer a play based assessment or a standardized measurement.   My Recess is also equipped with a full kitchen for feeding based assessments.

Articulation or
Expressive Language
Expressive Language Receptive Language / Listening skills Speech Fluency / Stuttering Voice and Resonance

Social / Pragmatics Language Cognitive
Communication skills
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Swallowing / Feeding Issues Family education, support, and FUN home programs

** We recommend checking out the pictures of our clinic and therapist with your child to help prepare them for their evaluation day. We want them to feel comfortable and know what their therapist looks like and that our space is fun! About >

What’s Next

After your evaluation, your therapist will set up a follow up appointment where we will review the results of the evaluation testing and develop a treatment plan and goals with your families input. During this time we will discuss the goals that are important to your family as well as a plan of how we will help your family reach these goals through individual therapy sessions, home programs, and strategies.

Depending on what your child needs, your SLP will then recommend treatment. We are highly trained and skilled in articulation treatment, language and pragmatic language treatment (social skills), fluency treatment (stuttering), alternative and augmentative communication, and treatment for feeding (transitioning from tube to oral, ‘picky’ eaters, treatment of oral motor planning difficulties, tongue thrusting patterns, etc.)

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