Occupational Therapy

Motor Skills | Coordination | Strength | Attention | Sensory Processing | Self-Regulation

Occupational therapy services through My Recess are designed to the specific needs of your child and your family.

Based on treatment goals determined through an initial evaluation and discussion with the family, services are provided in a variety of settings and modalities. Collaboration and connection with your child’s current treatment team, school, and community resources is essential to delivering the highest level of care and benefit to your child’s health and happiness.


A pediatric occupational therapy assessment is completed prior to initiating Occupational Therapy services to determine treatment concerns and goals for treatment sessions. This includes a comprehensive analysis of factors impacting each child’s quality of life and occupational performance including school, home, and community-based expectations. Throughout the evaluation the following will be observed:

Fine, gross and visual motor skills

Coordination and motor planning


Attention to task

Sensory processing


My Recess works with your child’s current treatment team and discusses findings and to coordinate care so your child gets the support he or she needs.

Private Sensory Yoga

These services provide families, small group or your children looking to use yoga as a primary intervention to create balance in you or your child’s daily life. Prior to initiating sessions, we will discuss your goals during each session. These may include relaxation, self regulation, strength, coordination, or support on incorporating yoga throughout your family’s daily routine.

Home Consultation

My Recess offers home consultation sessions to promote continued support and follow-through of therapy strategies within your home. We help to problem-solve and address any concerns you may have within your child’s daily routine such as  strategies to help integrate your child’s sensory diet into their daily routine as well as learn how to use the items within your home to support your child’s needs.

School Consultultation

We offer in-school observation of your child’s performance since it can be helpful when working towards school-based goals. Upon observation, My Recess will establish an open line of communication with your child’s school teachers which will help to support your child within their school environment.

Individual Occupational Therapy Treatment

Following the initial evaluation, My Recess makes recommendations regarding frequency of therapy sessions to address your child’s individual goals. Each session includes the use of a variety of treatment modalities to meet your child’s needs.

Treatment sessions typically run 50 minutes for one-on-one treatment time followed by 10 a minute session review with you and to provide you with suggestions for strategies and activities to implement in your home and between sessions. Home strategies may be accompanied by handouts to support carryover.

Individualized Home Based Treatment

My Recess may recommend individual therapy sessions to be completed in your home. We will discuss this with you and your family to determine if this line of treatment is appropriate and beneficial. These sessions happen in conjunction with clinical based sessions to promote carryover of home based strategies and problem solve concerns found within your home environment.

Skills Training

This service is perfect for your child if they need additional support in one are of treatment such as shoe tying, handwriting, self-care, basic routine completion, strength in fine or gross motor skills, coordination for a specific sport, and/or specific aspects of daily routine.

Skills training is a 30-45 minute session focused on a specific skill. Eligibility for skills training is determined through initial phone interview with the parent and a brief observation and consult with the child within the clinical setting. At that time, further evaluation may be recommend based on the observation sessions.

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