Sarah Haggett, MS, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Children learn about themselves and their amazing capacities to change and grow through the vehicle of play. It is a joy being a child’s playmate during Occupational Therapy sessions. I am constantly evolving as a therapist and learning every day from the children I support!

As a pediatric OT, my passion is helping young people become more resilient: adaptable to change, open to new ideas, bouncing back from challenges, and achieving their personal goals and developmental milestones as they grow.

I enjoy interacting with parents both inside and outside of sessions. Parents are truly experts on their children’s lives; for me, supporting adults in their parenting journey is one of the gifts of the pediatric therapy process!

Areas of Specialty

DIR Floortime, autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing and regulatory challenges, motor coordination difficulties, trauma informed care, LGBTQ+ youth, learning difficulties and attentional issues.

Credentials and Certifications

  • (HWT, Zones of Regulation) STAR Institute’s on-site Mentorship Program
  • Level I certification
  • Therapeutic Listening (Vital Links)
  • Interactive Metronome on Demand Certified (2020)

Other Activities and Classes

I have led bike riding intensives, taught therapeutic cooking classes, supported young adults in vocational training in stores and on farms, and facilitated yoga and sports/recess groups for kids in clinic and school settings. I have co-presented research related to work-life balance for parents of children with disabilities, and co-led in-service presentations on Sensory Processing 101, Understanding Challenging Behaviors, Red Flags for Developmental Delays, and Movement and Why it Matters.

My Recess Therapy Team ⇒ Sarah Haggett