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My Recess Therapy Hey You Guys!!! Have you joined our mailing list yet? We put loads of stuff on Facebook BUT our newsletter often has some fun Tips and Tricks as well as INFO on what's happening at My Recess. Here'sSee More the LINK 🙂

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Our neighbors are having an OPEN HOUSE and CPR training. How Cool is THAT?

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My Recess Therapy Technology is all around us these days. Encouraging games during waiting versus phones and iPads helps build social skills, fine/ visual motor skills and problem solving! Here’s some classics we like:See More Eye spy, the “box game”, and tic tac toe... comment below with your favorites!See Less
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My Recess Therapy Did you get our Newsletter! We are sooo excited about our January Parent Pow Wow!!! Whose coming???
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My Recess Therapy Seem kinda quiet around here on the My Recess Facebook page? Well...that's because we are THINKING and PLANNING and CREATING... BUT... we want to know... what do YOU Want to see from us this year? FACEBOOKSee More learning, NEW groups, Parent Pow Wow ideas... let us know...your thoughts may spur something AWESOME!!!!See Less
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Upcoming Events

My Recess Therapy Did you see...did you see!!! Here it is!!! Our January PARENT POW WOW. We are SUPER pumped about this one!

What a GREAT fun, creative, and inspiring way to start the new year!
Parent Pow Wow-Vision Board WorkshopParent Pow Wow-Vision Board WorkshopJoin this interactive Parent Pow Wow with our own Ms. Kelly Marie as she shares inspiring ideas for your own make it and take it board on the 25th!

Tap into your creative vibes with your child's strengths & family in mind.
*Jump start your 2018 Goals
*Get Clear & Focused
*See what wonderful things manifest as you dream, envision & play together
* Explore strategies to organize your families ...
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