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Yes! This was a lil Pay it Forward we did with our local “More Than Moms Raising Kids with Special Needs” group AND the Amazing Amy's Weighted Blankets!!!

This little guy loved his custom
See More weighted blanket and that gives us #heartexplosionsSee Less
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My Recess Therapy Our Friends are at it again!
This is one heck of a HOT topic these days and these gals are experts!

What’s great too...it’s FREE!
Riverview Counseling Services, Ltd.Free Presentation this Thursday, November 16, 1PM. Check out our web site www.riverviewcounselingservices.com for more information and to sign up or call 630.587.3777 ext 102.
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My Recess Therapy A lil more about this AMAZING gal!!!

It’s all about the families for her! Click to hear more. ❤️
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My Recess Therapy One of our amazing Momma friends found this great place near by!

Sensory seekers will LOVE this place I’m pretty sure!

We will be checking it out ASAP.

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JulieFor the Ultimate OT Experience :)...

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Julie Anderson Girman For the Ultimate OT Experience :)...

Napervilleultimateninjas.comBirthday Parties, Class, Obstacle Course Run, Warrior Run
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Upcoming Events

My Recess Therapy Man all of our friends are hitting it out of the park this week! Here’s another free workshop led by one heck of an expert Hanson Family Chiropractic
Freedom from Chronic Ear InfectionsFreedom from Chronic Ear InfectionsEar infections may be common, but that does not make them normal. If you have been looking for natural, drug-free help, then please join us for this Facebook Live workshop!
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