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Sensory Play | Yoga | Social Skill Building | Self-Awareness

My Recess Therapy classes are mindfully designed based on neuroscience, evidence based practice, and years of experience making child life development FUN!

Fall classes start the week of September 23rd and run for four weeks.

**Age group and times subject to change based on group demand**

My Recess uses a holistic approach for our classes to connect your child with themselves, others, and their environment.


Names and Games


Preparation of the body and mind. During this time, children explore new forms of deep breathing and meditation. Children learn the benefits of breathwork as well as how to relate breathe with coping techniques related to anxiety, anger, depression and general regulation. We emphasize the connection of breath and movement which sets yoga apart from all other forms of exercise.

Basic Movement

Basic movement is achieved through sun salutations or movement-based breathwork. Our focus is to regulate and organize each child’s system. We utilize sensory regulation strategies through understanding energy levels as a whole and incorporating sensory input to achieve an increase in focus and attention.


Asanas are the poses found in all yoga classes, but are adapted to the running theme of the class which promotes active engagement throughout the duration of the class. For example Downward Facing Dog becomes an actual dog – big or small with barking sounds, lifting of the leg, whatever your child can imagine!

Sensory Play

Your child will engage in sensory play and exploration using all sensory systems, Auditory  (Music, instruments), Tactile (Touch a starfish, play in sand), Olfactory (Exploration of nature-based scents and connections between scents, emotions), and Vestibular and Proprioception. (A form of sensory input through yoga poses and sequences.)

Through the techniques of sensory therapy, poses are modified by changing the length of the pose, emphasizing breath connection, and the speed of yoga sequences. Added movement components help children develop self-regulation techniques and body awareness.

Social Play

Partner poses, cooperative game play, or simply facilitated social interaction are a component throughout each class.

Self Expression

Through art, music, dance, as well as other forms of creative expression, children are encouraged to express themselves showing their feelings and learning through thier experiences.

Relaxation and Mediation

Children engage in guided imagery, breathing techniques, basic meditation as well as progressive muscle relaxation at the end of each class allowing them to experience calmness, silence, and relaxation.

Behavioral Modification

A focus on positive identification is used throughout the class. A child’s positive behaviors are highlighted to promote positive behaviors in a group dynamic.

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